Thursday, March 29, 2012

Home Tour part 5 ~ The Family Room

Again, sorry for the delay, but life is SO busy lately!!  A lot of things going on with the kids and just overall life!!  So anyway, on with the tour!

This is our Family Room!  This is pretty much the hang out (besides the kitchen) in our house to watch tv  and just be together.   We keep the kids computer in here so we know what they are doing.   Probably not wonderful for decorating purposes but hey, other things are more important!   I dragged my feet a little with this post because the window panels were just installed!  Took almost a year to pick something out. But I finally did!    Lighting was not ideal again, but I really didn't want to wait any longer!

Here is the room as you see it walking in from the foyer

Believe it or not, I took this one in LESS light (just after dusk) and it came out better.... go figure!

The family room looking in from the dining room

TV wall.  I got this "tv stand" off Craig's list probably 5 or 6 years ago and it waited in my parents barn until we moved in!

This is the sofa from my old house, just had it recovered in a gold chenille.  Love the comfy down cushions. 

I LOVE this french market basket!  I had been looking for one for YEARS.  I had never seen one on ebay go lower than $300.   My cousin found this for me on her local Craig's list for $45 a steal for sure!  It has little red wheels (my FAVORITE color!) I should have taken a close up of them.... next time!

This was my parents croquet set.  I stole it from their basement, sssshhhhhhh ;)

My mom found this big round table at a garage sale for $5 I think.  We found the glass at another sale and had it cut to fit this table.  My friend Kathleen made my skirt and all the pillows.  Do you remember this lamp?  It got a coat of black spray paint and a clearance drum shade from PB. 

I had to show you the back with the cute cord cover I found on ebay!

I got these two Thomasville recliners off Craig's list. Another steal!  I got both for less than what ONE cost.

I got this chair for $5 at Salvation army probably 8 years ago. I loved the lines and never knew what I would do with it (in my old house) then once I knew we were moving the ideas started swirling!  I got 6 yards of this check upholstery fabric on clearance for $35.   

Close up of one of my favorite pillows!

Got this french looking basket at Sally's Boutique! ( my pet name for Salvation army)

Shot of the mantle with some of my goodies.

If you are standing in front of the mantle this is what upstairs looks like.

Hallway to kitchen, foyer and power room.

Another shot of the couch.

Sally's lamp(s) , remember them?  And a table from Craig's list, Ethan Allen french country collection!

Another one of my mother's cast off's!  I gladly took this pretty table!

A few close up's of the sofa pillows.  Just a mish mash of fabrics I love!

A view from upstairs...

And looking down.

This was a canvas print I found at Hobby Lobby and bought the frame there too.

This is a mish mash of things I had been collecting in my basement.  The urn is from Homegood's.  The floral is an oil I found at Salvation Army for $8  and then found the frame at Goodwill for $4.  And the oval frame bird print was cream but I painted it black and highlighted with good ole rub n buff!

I loved this when I saw it on clearance at Pottery Barn!

I got this little sofa table from a garage sale and used to have it in my kitchen.  Love it in here.  It's narrow which I needed.  The lamp was $9 from Salvation army, I have seen the same ones go for hundreds.  I love my bargains!

Another shot of the room from the mantle.

And one last shot looking down!

I hope you enjoyed this tour!  It has taken me forever to add the pics.  Blogger is being a pain tonight! 


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy 40th!!!

Taking another small break from the Home Tour for a special day!

This past weekend we celebrated John's 40th birthday!  His actual birthday was during the week, but we decided to have it on Saturday.  Which also happened to be St Patrick's day!  What FUN!!   I made corned beef and cabbage for the very first time.  And literally quadrupled a Racheal Ray recipe for Shepard's pie.  And I'll toot my own horn and say it came out pretty darn good!!

Here is the GIANT pot I did 20 lbs of corned beef and cabbage in!

I suggest drinking this when you are making something you have NEVER made before for 25 people! ;)

The start of the Shepard's pie

The end result of the Shepard's pie!

The birthday boy blowing out his candles :)

The weather has been SO BEAUTIFUL here in upstate NY!  I have been a painting fool (hence my absence from the home tour)  I bought these window boxes last year at my favorite consignment store and I am painting them the same color as our shutters.  They will go on the front porch between the columns when I'm done.  I got all 5 of them for $35.  Bargain!

I stained the garage stairs (the door needs the tape taken off and painted!!)  and still needs a coat of poly.

My little sister is moving into her house next week and I have been waiting for a nice day to finish her kitchen chairs.  They are black and the seats are stained.

Stay tuned for more of the Home Tour!!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Home Tour part 4 ~ The Library

Let me first start by saying, I totally waited until the wrong part of the day to take these pictures. And I was afraid if I waited until the next day to take the pictures, a) I would wait too long in the day and take them in the same light and b) the room would not be as clean as it is right this moment. The probability of the latter is about 99%, soooooo I decided to post these anyway, not-so-great pictures and all.

The "Library" which is really the home office, functions a few ways, so that is why we call it the Library. It is another smallish room in our home but functions big. Before we actually moved in, I had the furniture laid out in my head totally different. And while it IS packed with furniture, I tried to keep everything on the smaller scale so it all worked. It isn't sparse by any means, but we can all sit in here nicely doing all different things. Which was what I envisioned from the beginning, so it works well.    We can read, play piano, play on the computer and (last but not least) one of our favorites... listen to our record player!!!!

Nothing in this room was purchased "new" except two things. The bookcases are from Ballard Design. We bought them while living in our old house and I love them. The panels were purchased from Tuesday morning years ago and I did use them in our old house as well. I still may change them, but it felt so naked in here with nothing. I'm sure there will be changes in here to come but for now this is it. :)

This is the view from the foyer

A little closer (I used flash, because I HAD to, I usually hate flash, the end, lol)   We bought this piano from a neighbor in our old development. Both boys take lessons and are doing well!

My cousin knew I was on the lookout for a crystal chandelier and she found this on her local Craig's list.  So she drove this all the way up here from Alabama when she came to visit.  Like Forrest says,  she and I are like "peas and carrots"!!!

Packed with our books and pictures

My old riding boots, trophy's and other chatckies!

I love old cameras

Bought this photo "roller" at a yard sale a couple of years ago, thought it was neat.

My desk where I play online  :)

I still need a chair for here, this one works, but is temporary

This is one of my FAVORITE Salvation Army finds.  It's a Baker desk I found about 7 years ago.  I didn't buy it when I saw it, I thought about it ALL NIGHT LONG and drove right back there the next morning and bought it!  Love this desk!

One of our favorite records we listen to, the story of Annie!!

My mom found this adorable little french footstool for $10 in a thrift shop in Florida and then asked "would you like this?"  Ummm YES mom, I most certainly would!!   I recovered it in a plaid scrap I had in my collection.

This was my mother's sofa, it's about 32 yrs old.  I had it reupholstered and had the cushions wrapped in down and it's very comfy but small scale, which nothing seems to be these days new.  Nothing big would have fit in this room!  The little wood throw blanket I found on ebay.   The check pillows I found at TJ Maxx years ago and matched the panels.   The needlepoint pillow I bought from Des over at Peeking at the Sunflowers.  Couldn't pass it up!

Mary Kay Crowley, love her art.  I bought these gliclee's online and then framed them myself.

Found this oil painting at one of my favorite consignment shops. I painted the black on the frame to break up the gold.

My mom found these cut glass lamps for me at City Mission, they were $5.99 each.  I paired them with lamps from another thrift shop.    I made the table topper from a scrap piece of fabric, cut it in a square and glued the trim on with fabri-tac. The tablecloth underneath is not as hideous as it looks, but I still am on the lookout for another one.  This table is an odd height and circumference.  I think I need an 84" round.

Vintage riding books, I LOVE books!  Old, new and everything in between!

Coffered ceiling

Well, that's it for today!  I hope you enjoyed the tour of the Library!

I am joining these parties and hope you will come and join the fun with us!!

WOW us Wednesday's at Savvy Southern Style

Open House Party at No Minimalist Here!

Feathered Nest Friday at the French Country Cottage

Vintage Inspiration at Common Ground



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