Monday, June 4, 2012

Love, kids and horses

You know your husband loves you when he calls you while driving from one job site to the next and saw  a yard sale with your favorite things for sale!  Yippee!!!  Apparently the people were moving and everything must be sold.   My darlin' found this beautiful birdbath, these three beautiful urns with stands and this ADORABLE gnome!!!  And I just LOVE that he has a little basket he's holding for flowers!! 

I have been working on a perennial bed in the circle in the front of the house.  My friends mom gave me a TON of her perennials that she had divided! There are roses and irises in the back round!

He even got to keep the plants they had in them, LOL!

How cute is he????? :)

The last few weeks have been filled with lots of busy-ness!  Horse shows,my mom's 70th birthday party,  baseball games, swim meets, baby animal days and sooooo many other things!  Here are a few pictures of our adventures :)

Noah and I competed at the Saratoga Horse show (same as Madi below) and got champion in our division!  So exciting!  I was so proud of Noah!   Here are a couple of pics of us. :)

Madi on Top Honors (aka Tipper!) at the Saratoga Horse Show!

In front of the judge......

Posing with Linda and Tipper!

Loving her ribbon and horse she won :)

Johnny on Daisy
They had a GREAT day!

Kris on Ruby!
They also had a great day!
Smiles all around!

My handsome boys!

Happy Birthday Mommy, we love you!!!

Some of the yummy food in my sisters kitchen!

This was a very small party with just family, except for my mom's two good friends that she has known since Kindergarten!  She has lunch with them every month.  How blessed they are. :)

My mom through the years :)

Outside getting Gelato with all the toppings waiting for fireworks!

Madi sitting on Aunt Mary's (her great aunt) lap not so sure she likes them, lol!

Happy Birthday Mommy!  I love you more than you will ever know! :)

We go see the baby animals every year at a local farm and the magic never wears off :)

They sell the babies after and my older two were begging for goats, sheep and chicks!

It's been a very exciting month!  Stay tuned for garden pictures!  We have been working hard!



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