Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm dreaming of a white kitchen....

Just like the ones here below!!!  Of course this is to be sung to "White Christmas", LOL!  Yes I have almost officially gone mad!   

I have lived in this house I currently live in and also one before it and EACH time I wished I had a white kitchen.  I think this time around I'm going for it!  I am just drawn to them.  Creamy white cabinets sometimes glazed with nice hardwood floors.  Ahhhhh what is not to love?   I start getting dizzy when I look at door profiles.  But I have a LITTLE more time, I think?!

Country living


But then THIS happens!
I see a kitchen with stained cabinets that just OOZES french county charm and HOMEYNESS (is that a word?) and it makes me crazy about making decisions!!

What is your dream kitchen and what makes your heart go pitter patter? I'd love to know!

I have been inspired by these beautiful kitchens and am linking up to The Inspired Room's  Linky party!  Come and join the fun :)


Between You and Me said...

The house that we left behind in GA had my dream kitchen...we installed it! It had creamy white cabinets with an umber glaze in all of the corners and edges....

I had a huge island that made the whole thing even better!

Now, we live in a parsonage...given to us by the church that we were hired use while we are in FL. It's hard not having a house that it is my own to do with whatever I wish.

Go ahead and get your dream won't regret it!!!

love the pictures..most of them are in my idea files. :)

Red Door Home said...

Your inspiration pictures are beautiful. I do the same thing! I see something and am certain it is what I want until I see something else!

Jen Kershner said...

I'm ALL about the white kitchen K! I will settle for nothing less in my next house. I love a clean profile cabinet with a shaker kind of panel, some with glass, some open shelving, subway tile (hubba, hubba) marble counter tops and a big 'ol country sink. For the island I like something that contrasts like some kind of vintage piece with a different finish. Maybe if you do a white kitchen and a wood island that would be the best of both worlds for you.

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

Oh, I love the white cabinets....I can pass up the stained wood anyday, but give me those white and I DREAMMMMM! :)

Market Nine home said...

I love so many different kitchens but at the end of the day, my favorite kitchen is definitely white! We moved from an older home in which we gutted the place and installed a wonderful white kitchen with all glass upper cabinets. Loved it! We now live in a new home which had stained cabinets until I painted them black. Love the new black kitchen, but still miss my white kitchen! For sure white is classic and timeless!


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