Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's arrived........

Of course this is why there is a delay in the Home Tour (again!!!). I have watched everyone play with this magical stuff for a year now. I didn't want to order it before or right after we moved because I knew I had a million other things to do. But I finally ordered and I got to play with this stuff for myself! Let's just say I have another million projects in my mind now!!!! I just did some frames and will share them soon, promise!

Stay tuned for the mudroom and playroom, the last two rooms downstairs (although don't get too excited, they aren't exactly done, lol!)

I keep getting "error" messages, hope this finally posts!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Blessings

From our family to yours!

Have a blessed Easter!

I have no idea why this is just now posting......  I hit send hours ago!  Better late than never right?! ;)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Home Tour Part 6&7~ Kitchen and Keeping room

 Here is our kitchen and keeping room!!!  Finally!

I tried to get pictures from all different places of the kitchen to give you a good idea of how it "lives" so to speak.    The cabinets are "divinity" with a mocha glaze on them.  I agonized FOR-EVA on glaze, no glaze......    Glaze it is!   The island is black and distressed.    The stools were my mothers.  They were cherry, but became black to go with the island. 

This shot is from standing in the keeping room into the kitchen

Standing behind the kitchen table

Eating area

Wall display in the eating area.  It's funny, it took me literally THREE months before I hung stuff on the walls when we moved in.  The flow was so different from my old house, I just couldn't decide right away.  Then my cousin came to visit and we were hangin' fools!

The sink wall.  I have a love/hate relationship with my farm sink.  That is a post for another day.  I LOVE my baskets and use them for bread, fruit and veggies!

Range wall

Opposite side

Fridge, wall oven, micro and desk wall

From the other side of the island looking at range wall

Another shot of the opposite wall

My cute little desk, I love my bookshelf for all my junk and cookbooks!


This little vignette is above the refrigerator.  I LOVE vintage kitchen items.  I have been collecting it bit by bit for awhile.

My copper pots and a little jelly cabinet I got years ago and gave it a makeover!  remember it here?

another shot of the sink wall

I originally was going to go with a black or orb faucet.  I am SO HAPPY neither where available and I ended up on whim getting the copper and I LOVE IT!!!

Island shot, walking in from where the family room is.

More island details

I really loved the look of burlap.  However I LOVE color (did you notice?) and knew I wouldn't be entirely happy with JUST burlap.  So I explained this to my friend Kathleen and while she looked at me like I had two heads at first, then she got it!

over the sink

eating area

The keeping room
aka- a very cozy extension of the kitchen!

Another room full of my bargain finds!  The chair (which is normally in the opposite corner, but I'm having a party tomorrow!) is from Sally's boutique, $12.99.   The chair is Henredon and I paid $8 with down cushion included.  Of course it needed to be recovered.  But I'm willing to bet this chair was around $2k new (Henredon has ridiculous prices, but wonderful furniture). 

 A shot of how the rooms merge together

I got this basket at Sally's for $4, but when I found the Pottery Barn check liner at a garage sale for 50 cents, I was OVER the moon!! :)  We have pillows and blankets in here overflowing usually. :)

My mom picked up this lamp for me years ago for $2 at city mission.  It was in the kitchen of my old house.  It's in our gene's to go junkin!  The table I found on ebay and it goes with the sofa table in the family room that I got at a garage sale!

Fireplace wall, I got the copper tub (can't remember the real name for it) at my favorite consignment shop.  I love going there because I always have "credit" from what I bring to sell. So when I shop, it's almost always "free"!

Other side of the keeping room.  Armoire we had in our old house.  I found it on ebay.  The card table with folding chairs were supposed to be temporary.  Well it's been over a year and we LOVE it in this room.  We use it all the time for games, puzzles, coloring, school work or whatever we want.  We can leave whatever we are doing and go eat at the kitchen table.  Very convenient for parties too!

Looking back toward the Family room from the keeping room through the kitchen.

I splurged on this sign from Ballard (with a coupon of course!) and love it on this wall!

Here is a shot from the keeping room fireplace into the kitchen, to give you a good idea of the view!

I really hope you enjoyed the tour, blogger is being a PAIN tonight!!!  Just uploading the pictures took an hour!  And I thought I lost them all TWICE!  I'm exhausted!! LOL! 

I'm linking up to these parties!  Come join the fun!


A shot of how the rooms merge together

Sunday, April 1, 2012

BUSY fun-filled weekend!

This weekend has been one of those where you swear you haven't sat down ONCE!  It started with the boys' 5th grade "spring fling" dance at school.  I was a chaperone, so I got to watch all the fun first hand! ;)   It was a beach theme!

Saturday night was our Cub scout Blue and Gold dinner.  My Cub scouts have become Boy scouts!  Doesn't seem possible time has flown by this quickly!    I made the centerpiece for our table (tutorial to follow!), the theme was soccer in the Summer Games 2012.

And today we had the boys second horseshow of the year.  They did great and had a fun time.  Tonight is wrestlemania (God help me), so the weekend isn't over yet.   

Madi helping out

Kris on Cinnamon

Johnny on Daisy

I think I'll sleep all day Monday...........  Oh wait, I have a meeting, a conference and piano lessons!!!!  More coffee!!



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