Monday, June 11, 2007

Patio projects

Here is one of the urns I bought for our back patio. It's iron and only $39.99 at BJ's! Of course I had to snap up two of them! I have 3 other pairs all around the house and garden. It's becoming an addiction, lol! Could be worse right? I have two different kinds of verbena, lobelia and white allysum in it. I'll take a pic later in the season when it's grown a bit! The other two pictures are Weigala's that I bought last year to replace the poorly planned rhodo's I had there. It was just too much sun for them and they were suffering. So I relocated them and these weigala's ,which were TINY last year, are loving this area and got so big this year! The stone is finally done back here. After I took these 3 pictures my battery died, so hopefully I'll have more pictures today!


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