Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Recycled finial

I wanted to share this very easy, very quick project with you.   We recently (in the last 2 years) got a Hobby Lobby.  After YEARS of hearing my cousins bargains there.  She lives in the South.    Anyway, it's one of my favorite craft and decor stores.   I don't get there too often, but when I do I'm usually in there a LONG time!  My poor family knows the deal and usually wants me to go there alone. ;)

I bought an adorable wine stopper there that had a crown on it.  Well, I BROKE the cork part off trying to get it out of the wine bottle.    It was too cute to throw away.  So I thought for a minute and came up with this idea.....

 I spray painted one of those plain finials that come on lamps sometimes.  

Then I glued the crown to the finial I spray painted black.

 Voila!  From broken to recycled!  Sometimes the littlest things excite me!!!

I think it makes an ADORABLE finial!  On my thrift store lamp! 


Monday, February 11, 2013

Slipcover secret

Not a great shot but you see it was almost white even though they call it "natural"

I discovered a secret.....   I wasn't sure it would work but I figured it was worth a try.   I have the Pottery barn basic down filled sofa.  It was one of the very few "new" purchases we bought.  Many of you know that I am the second (third, fourth and etc) hand queen.    Although upholstery pieces can be tough to buy second hand because most have to be reupholstered.  A chair is one thing but a sofa is a financial commitment  Anyway, I digress.....   I hemmed and hawwed on buying this sofa, but the size was perfect.  It seems like most sofa's today are G I A N T.  I needed something smaller scale and comfortable.  In other words, it couldn't swallow up the room.    So when I looked and sat on the basic from PB, I knew it would work well. I waited for their winter sale  and bought it.   I have washed the slipcover at least 3 times and it comes out great.  The key is to NOT dry it all the way and put it back on the sofa a TAD damp.    

This fall I wanted something a little darker or more "cozy".   But the prices of the PB slipcovers are downright ridiculous!   I just could not justify the cost of them when I could actually buy a new SOFA for the price on some of the fabrics they had listed.     Then I remembered how similar the IKEA Ektorp sofa was to the basic.    Sadly, we do not have an IKEA nearby.  So of course I jumped on Ebay to find this pretty Idemo Brown slipcover for $79.99.  I figured if it didn't fit, I could consign it or sell it again on Ebay.   I am SO HAPPY to report that it fits!  And at that price point, I could get my sofa it's own wardrobe!

So if you have a PB basic and your wanting a different color, go ahead and get the Ektorp slipcover!  You'll be SO happy  you did! :)

Here it is "undressed" without the pillows.  It fits perfectly!  

Found this cute little pillow at TJ maxx for $10!  

Stay tuned for a mattress update!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Let's talk Mattresses...

(image from Pinterest)

Or better yet, let's talk RESTFUL sleep and the fact that I have been getting next to none!     Why does it seem like things made "today" are made on purpose to fail quickly?   Why are appliances, mattresses and etc NOT like they were when are parents were young and lasted 20 years or more?   Case in point:  John and I have been married for less than 14 years and we just purchased our 4th set.  Doesn't that seem ridiculous?  Ok, well if I am perfectly honest we had 5, but I returned that one after 24 hours.  It felt like we were sleeping on concrete!

   I'm starting to feel like the princess and the pea.  But this is not just a comfort issue, it's a construction issue as well!  The other three, have all had body impressions so deep that you can't stand it. One had body impressions with NO pillow top!  The one we have now is a "plush" and the springs are literally bulging against the side of the mattress!   Seems ridiculous to me that it would do this after 3 years.    

  I am waking up with such shoulder and neck pain that I can't take it.  And my hands go numb almost every single night and from what I have read, it seems as though my bed has no support (which is true) and my back is completely out of alignment.  Some nights I start out in my bed, move to my daughters room and even move to the couch!!    I have scoliosis  and it usually never bothers me, but it is now with this terrible mattress.  

So I did  something radical this time.  I didn't just wing it though.  I have researched until my eyes were burning for many nights and hours online.  I ordered a mattress and two different toppers, of two totally different materials that I have never even touched let alone laid on.   I know this seems completely insane but I am at my witts end!   I ordered a medium firmness latex mattress, a 3 inch latex topper in "soft" firmness and a 2 inch gel infused memory foam topper.  And I am PRAYING this is going to work.  

  I don't require tons of sleep.  Usually 6-7 hours but it needs to be RESTFUL sleep!  I would LOVE to know what you all are sleeping on.  And if anyone has gone through this agony! 



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