Monday, May 20, 2013


Thank you all for your kind comments and emails from my last post.   I am so very proud my son came to me.  I'm glad we have this kind of relationship, I hope that it continues!

Spring is here!  We have baseball, horses, swimming and karate!  All kinds of busy!  But I wouldn't have it any other way.   I have been planting some flowers, even though it's not entirely safe to do this before Memorial Day here in Upstate NY.   I have planted a few planters and thought I would share!  

I also took some pictures of my daughters bedroom I will share tomorrow.  Two posts in the same week?!?!  My goodness! :)


Friday, May 3, 2013

Why I am deleting Pinterest......

I know what your thinking.  I go on a six week blog hiatus and come back to boycott something!     And while I do have a million things to tell you, like we went to Washington DC and VA while my kids and husband had the flu and how the new mattress has been.  I'm rearranging stuff lately like nobody's business.  And I'm enjoying this spring weather out in my yard to no end.  We are riding and horse show season is starting.  However, my reasons for deleting Pinterest are far more important.

A few weeks ago my 12 yr old sons asked me if they could join Pinterest.  I thought, sure!  It's a lot of fun to have an "online" pin board.  They could pin fancy cars, horses and all the other things they are interested in.   My boys have safari disabled on their Ipads, but Pinterest DOES allow you to search the web for pins.  We discussed this and they weren't using it.  Although I think one of them had wandered over to You tube with it a few times.    Everything seemed hunky dorey until tonight when one of my sons came in my office with his face beat red and crying.   He was confessing that he had seen "bad" pictures on Pinterest.   My first thought was that he had gone on the web and wasn't telling the truth.  So  I asked him "you saw it on Pinterest? or you searched the web".  It was on Pinterest mom.   Now, I won't paint this picture that he just stumbled upon this without searching.  Apparently he put in "sexy girls" in the search box.  And when I did it, under "pins" there wasn't much there, but boy when I clicked over to "boards" that is when I couldn't believe my eyes.   I'm not talking just naked pictures,  I'm talking hard-core pornography.  It made me so sad that innocence was lost in an instant.  On Pinterest for God's sake.......   And he was crying and completely ashamed of himself.   But still, I am mad.  VERY mad that I let him go on this and this is what happens.

Yes, I understand that I can "report" the pins.  But if you saw how many there are... and how  many members are doing this.   Seems like fighting a losing battle.  And I just googled "porn on pinterest" and see this isn't a new problem.  Oh how I wish I had done this before.  It seemed so G-rated and benign.  Little did I know.   :(   And what I can't stop thinking about is, how can I be a member of Pinteres?  With my son seeing I am on there and  knowing what he saw?   I just can't.  Yes, it's fun, and wonderful place to get recipes and etc.  But I have lived 39 1/2 yrs without it.  And I can certainly live without it now.

Anyway, I posted this tonight to let you know how I was feeling.  And maybe to save someone else's children from seeing this garbage on there. 

   So I guess if you find something I can't live without, email it to  me!! :)



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