Thursday, October 28, 2010

Garage doors and more progress!

Things are busy, busy here!  I have been assembling Halloween costumes!  And also on my steady clean out of this house that I need to sell!  (someone needs to actually put it on the market to do this!)  I'm not a  multi-tasker.   Well, I can do it, but I'm not very good at it.  So if I'm multi-tasking, it means whatever I am doing is certainly not my "best" work......  I digress....

Anyway,  here are some progress pictures! 

Kris standing in front of the door that leads into the garage.  I am in the kitchen and he is standing in the mudroom.

I am standing in the eating area of the kitchen looking into the kitchen area...

Standing in the Family room looking at the foyer, upstairs hallway...

Standing in the foyer and looking at the family room....

A shot of the odd shape of the master bedroom, but I like it :)

The garage doors are steel but look "stained" and we are going to go with a very similar color for the front door.

The exterior is almost complete! YAY!  Still  need to add the columns and shutters.  My cousins husband is making the shutters for me.  So those might not be added until spring.  Board and Batten!

Chimney cap is on!

Oh and I figured I'd add a shot of our new neighbors!!  They are always walking around our house checking us out! :)

Update, the interior walls are painted!  Will post those pictures soon too! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The pumpkin patch, kids' activities, house decisions and a broken space bar!!!

Has it really been 12 days since I have posted?????   This post may have to be shorter than planned because my cute, blonde lil darlin'  has ripped the space bar off my keyboard one too many times and I am developing carpel tunnel syndrome from how HARD I have to press it to get a space between words!!  Orelseitlookslikethis...........

Fall ball is over, swimming (indoors) is in full effect! I have been taking 3 riding lessons a week and!  I feel my body getting stronger and it feels OH SO GOOD! 

I met with the painter today and went over the paint selections!! House is drywalled and taped!!  Pictures to come!  Still making myself crazy with little decisions like 4 or 5 hole faucets....3 holes for the bridge, 1 for the sprayer and whether or not to add the 5th for the purified water if it's inside thefridge dispenser....  you know, little mundane decisions like that that make you  CRAZY!

My sister and I,with a bunch of other moms went to a pumpkin patch nearby and had SO MUCH FUN!  We have never been to this one before and it fantastic!  We will definately go back next year!  

 Hope you are all enjoying this TOO short season!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My heart is feeling lots of love!

I am blessed!

Lot's going on at the homefront!  Will post some more progress tomorrow!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fireplace part 2, chimney love!

Lately I have been a wee bit obsessed with herringbone pattern.   And you will see this repeat in my upcoming posts as I reveal more of the house finishing.    I didn't realize it until I starting looking at my notes and seeing the "pattern".   And I mean that in more ways than one.  Not only is the herringbone a pattern in itself, but also the pattern of ME using it in various places throughout the house.   So it started on the chimney!  

I am so thankful for our mason who has been a saint (literally) with all my descriptions and hair-brained ideas.  He has basically gone off my "words" and made it the way I wanted it.  Bless his heart, seriously!  

So here is a bit of the chimney.  They still have to finish the top and put the clay chimney pot on.  But I figured I'd show you the progress so far!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Homemade Guacamole and some randoms!

If you like guacamole, I PROMISE you will LOVE this!  And you will NEVER EVER buy it again!  I got this recipe from my cousin's husband and he's a fantastic cook! 

3 avocados
2 medium vine-ripe tomatoes cut fairly small (for color and taste)
1 very small (or half of a regular size) onion chopped fine
1 garlic clove pressed
1/2 lemon for juice
salt to taste

pair with Stacy's Pita chips ( my new weakness) or tortilla chips and ENJOY!!! :)

Just a few pictures of fall in our neck of the woods.  I haven't taken many, but plan to take more photos.   I can't believe today is October 1st!    Love this time of year! 

Kris had a "fun run" at school and he finished great!   Of course we all cheered him on! 


And here is a typical lazy Saturday morning with Johnny and Madi on the sofa!  So cozy!  I crave and long for these days, but also know how short they are.  Enjoying them little while we can!

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Happy Friday! :)



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