Friday, November 19, 2010

Still here, barely and PLEASE vote on the last picture!

Wow, apparently I am very bad a multi-tasking!  Worse than I originally thought!  

Halloween was much fun, as my darlin' husband LOVES Halloween!  I had fun creating and assembling my boys and husband's costumes!   I had to get creative because they don't sell costumes for the things my kids want to be (ever, lol).  But with a bottle of fabri-tac in hand, I did it!  And they all loved the end result!   We went over to my sisters house. She had a little party and we trick or treated together.  More wonderful memories being made! :)

The Incredible Hulk!

Kane and The Undertaker ~ Brothers of Destruction!  And a little zebra they found :)

The house is coming along! All painted right now. Tile is going in (pictures this week!), and looking good!   Ordered stair parts, that had me literally in crazy mode.   I think I'm on decision overload!!!!!!   

Wall color a little distorted from the flash... was using my old camera!

My cousin's VERY talented husband made board and batten shutters for all the windows. They are clear cedar that will be solid color stained.

Now, pretty please with sugar on top, tell me what color shutters you see on this house????????

Originally (many many moons ago) I wanted black, I don't think so anymore.  Plus you will not see the hardware on them and the hold backs.   Olive green?  Brown?  Pink? (JUST KIDDING).   I really need your help! 


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