Thursday, April 29, 2010

Say a little prayer for us......

I know I have mentioned homeschooling before, here and here . And I haven't regretted my decision at all. I'm absolutely amazed at how far Kristopher has come in four short months. Most of you know that I am only homeschooling Kris. I had to pull him out mid year because his placement just was not right for him. Johnny still attends public school. There has been some things at school that I am not thrilled with. I have toyed with the idea of private school for Johnny since 1st grade. He's in 3rd this year. A few recents events have sealed the deal for private school.

I have found a very small private school that has a "homeschool" program. Very small as in, it's k-8th grade and there are 42 kids! It's a magical place. The class size is usually 6-8 children. You can send your child 1, 2 or 3 days and homeschool them the other days. Well, they are both going for a "visit" tomorrow! I am thrilled, excited, nervous, happy, afraid of the unknown and a million other emotions. Johnny told me today "Mom, I'm so excited to go to school with Kris tomorrow, I miss him SO much everyday" This literally melted me! He is a wonderful child with a BIG heart. And the bond they share as twins is unbelievable. The fact is, they haven't gone to school together since Kindergarten. Because none of the placements have been right for Kris. I know this has been a lot for Johnny to process as well.

I am PRAYING this works for them. I am happy to continue homeschooling, but it would be SO nice for them to share this experience together there. I just want to see my boys happy, safe and learning! Hopefully I will have an update tomorrow afternoon!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sisal, seagrass, jute and a spinning head.....

I need a new rug.

The rug in the living room has seen better days. 

Let's get this straight, just because it said "formal living room" on our house plan 9 1/2 yrs ago meant nothing to us!  We use this room!  Our kids hang out in here.  Our wii is in there, our piano is in there.  There are toys and love and it's "distressed" in that usual kid style.

Anyway, back to the rugs!   I love looking through the Ballard design catalog and seeing all the beautiful natural fiber rugs.  I think they give such a beautiful, clean and neutral anchor to the room.  However, my problem is, I am a "soft and cushy" type of girl.  I like an area rug that I can  "squish between my toes".   And I know that I'm not going to get this with one of these natural fiber rugs!

Country living

Southern living

Ballard's claims that this one is "surpisingly soft under foot"  in other words, not as hard and scratchy as the normal ones, LOL!   I have thought about buying one and then using it in the Dining room of the new house.  However the size I would need in the DR would be too big for our LR.

house beautiful

What's a girl to do? Is there a compromise?  Should I go for it or try and find a more "muted" wool rug for in there?  We have a wool rug in the family room and I love it because it's soft.....   I just can't decide........  are you seeing a common theme here? ;)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Perfect spot for a tree swing

The husband and I went and worked our butts off   played at the land today.  We dropped the kids off at Mema and Papa's house (which is basically a field away from our new home) and they couldn't have been happier.   We needed to clear out the "circle" part of the future driveway which is in front of the house.   I didn't get very good "before" pictures.  But you can see it pretty good in the first picture.  Let's just say it looked like a deer tick-infested jungle!   And NOW it's the perfect spot to put our tree swing in!  

Of course we were illequipped  improvised after forgetting the ladder.  So hubby used the chainsaw and I dragged a GIANT pile of branches and brush out to the pile.    Then after realizing we would need the ladder, I backed up the truck so he could stand on the tool box and cut down the branches.  Then THAT wasn't high enough, so I drove REAL close to the tree and my sweets climbed the tree and I handed the chainsaw to him so he could cut the branches while hanging in the tree!  And what did I do?  Ran out of the truck so I could take some pictures of this fun event, LOL!  Bear with me, they are iphone pictures.  I didn't bring my new BFF  with me for fear she might get hurt in the picture taking process!

On a side note, I DID go to a church rummage sale and picked up something cute!  Stay tuned for that in a day or two!  But for now, I need to go lay on a heating pad.  Today reminded us that we are not 24 anymore, lol.  However we had fun and we have two more spots to do this in! :)

Can't you see a tree swing there?  I cannot wait for this to be H.O.M.E.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm dreaming of a white kitchen....

Just like the ones here below!!!  Of course this is to be sung to "White Christmas", LOL!  Yes I have almost officially gone mad!   

I have lived in this house I currently live in and also one before it and EACH time I wished I had a white kitchen.  I think this time around I'm going for it!  I am just drawn to them.  Creamy white cabinets sometimes glazed with nice hardwood floors.  Ahhhhh what is not to love?   I start getting dizzy when I look at door profiles.  But I have a LITTLE more time, I think?!

Country living


But then THIS happens!
I see a kitchen with stained cabinets that just OOZES french county charm and HOMEYNESS (is that a word?) and it makes me crazy about making decisions!!

What is your dream kitchen and what makes your heart go pitter patter? I'd love to know!

I have been inspired by these beautiful kitchens and am linking up to The Inspired Room's  Linky party!  Come and join the fun :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The first few steps...

This evening we went to our "land" and staked out the driveway. We staked out the house last week.  Well WE didn't, but my sweet husband and a friend did.  I cannot tell you how exciting this is for all of us!! 

Kris's job was to babysit Madi in John's truck!  Here he is showing her a video on the ipod.   My job was to lead the way of how I wanted the driveway and of course, take pictures!   John and Johnny drove in the stakes.  So here are a few pictures of the beginning of our journey!!! :)

Can you see the house staked out in the backround? :)

Sitting on Uncle Steve's backhoe!!!

I'm linking up the to Home and Family Friday Linky party over at Home is where our story begins and also the A few of my favorite things linky party as well!   Come and join the fun! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Easy Smoothies

My family likes to have dessert.  Now that doesn't mean that we have dessert every night.  On the occasion we do have dessert, I usually make milk shakes, cookies, brownies or refridgerator cake (I'll share this recipe soon too, VERY easy).   However, the things I named aren't the "healthiest" things to have. Although homemade and probably better than store bought.  At least I know what is in them since I make them! :)

I was trying to be a little more health conscious in my dessert choice.  I'm sure you can find a million recipes for smoothies, with blueberries, raspberries and etc.   But the other night I just made up my own.  And since they all requested it again the following night, I guess it was a hit!   
The "recipe" is
crushed ice (I filled the blender up about 1/4-1/3 the way full)
4 cups of skim milk
1 ripe banana
1 container of Chobani Strawberry yogurt. (if you haven't tried chobani yet, TRY IT, it is like a dessert by itself!!  Fat free too!)

Chop, then liquify for a few seconds and your done!  Voila, smoothies!  Enjoy!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

One of those days....

And yes that is my window sill.......

And then I found this.........

No children were injured in the making of this post.
 Just tickled until they couldn't breathe!!! :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Home Front Cafe (warning PIC HEAVY!)

This is another post constructed off my beloved camera card that I thought I lost and just recently found!!  So yes, the pictures are older, last winter.  But I was so excited to show you one of our favorite places! :)

Welcome to the Home Front Cafe! It is one of our favorite places to eat lunch on Saturday's after swimming lessons.  This is in a little town called Altamont about 2 miles from where we live.    The same woman who owns the resturaunt had a consignment shop in the side that is now the "ice cream parlor".  So I have been coming here for years!  First shopping and eating with my mom and now still eating and enjoying ice cream with my husband and kids.

This is the kind of place that makes you warm and fuzzy inside.  In the winter it's cozy and in the summer you enjoy ice cream.  None of the glass or cups match.  The silverware and dinnerware doesn't either.  But that is part of the appeal.   The food is homemade and delicious, so they could serve it on paper plates and  no one would care!!!   

The decor is vintage which of course I love.  There is a strong WWI and WWII theme inside.  My husbands grandfather's picture is adorned on one of the "soldier" walls.  So my boys are very proud of that and usually tell other diners nearby that is there grandfather. :)

I love to order the Waldorf sandwich, which is chicken salad with grapes and other yummies!   My husband usually orders a burger and my kids LOVE to eat breakfast anytime of the day here.  And if they aren't in the mood for breakfast, they have a grilled cheese and the best fries in town!  

All year 'round they have a dessert table with all kinds of cakes and pies to choose from.  But in the summer months they have homemade gelato and it's  Delicious! They also have soft serve as well.  

Did you notice Johnny's tag out?  LOL!  We had just come from swimming lessons and daddy didn't pay attention to the way he put his shirt back on!  OH well :)

They have recently started opening for dinner on Friday's because lunch and breakfast are such a success!  It's a limited menu of a few dinner items and it's still packed everytime we go!

I wanted to share this special place with you! :)


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