Thursday, May 3, 2012

chalk paint heaven...........

Yup, I can finally agree.... this stuff ROCKS!!!!!

Once upon a time, Mr Gypsy thought he was doing me a favor and started priming the wrong iron bed................

See the lovely gray primer?

 And it's been in our garage ever since........

Until Annie Sloan came to the rescue!   I decided to use the gray primer as my "base" coat and let it show through.  I waxed it with the clear wax. And I promise once it's in my house, I'll take better pictures, pinky swear! 

These were my first project and I just realized the "afters" are not on this camera card..... afters to come!! :)

 And my sweet girl paints while mama paints! 

Here is a shadow box  (from goodwill) I have had in the basement for years (literally).  It started out an orangy-golden oak color.  Another issue of mine, I get VERY excited and forget to take "before" pictures (like this frame...), sorry, I'll try to do better!   I used emperor's silk with graphite over it.  LOVED how it came out.  These are clay model art my boys did and I wanted to display them.

I read up online a bit before "distressing" and there is a bit of opinion about distressing before or after wax.  I did it before but could see why people would like to do it after and I'm sure I will try that too!

My two little artists work! 
Love them!

And I'm pausing the home tour a bit,  the playroom and mudroom are left downstairs.  Let's just say after horse showing all week, they aren't real "camera ready"  catch my drift? LOL!

I'll be back soon after Friday with more projects!  My last day of showing!



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