Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween, an Election and a Dedication!

WOW, what a few weeks it's been! Halloween was alot of fun here. We had a party with family and a few friends. Pizza and then trick or treating. My aunt brought the most SCRUMPTIOUS chocolate cake! The boys had a blast and John and I dressed up too! Madelyn's costume was so HOT she only had it on for about 5 mins and we didn't even get a picture of her in it! Oh well, next year!

The Election, my candidate didn't win. I thought he would have been a fine president and helped our country. But I realize that we do have a president-elect and I'm praying that he makes the right decisions for our country and that even though he wasn't my choice, I hope I'm pleasantly surprised! :)

It was Madelyn's Dedication ceremony at church this past Sunday. It was a very special day for our family. She is such a blessing to all of us. We had our family and friends celebrating with us. It's amazing how much joy this little girl has brought to all of us. I thank God everyday for giving me this beautiful family. I know my purpose in life was to be a mother and I'm so enjoying every moment of it. It goes by entirely too fast! I feel like the boys were born yesterday and they will be EIGHT in January!!!


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