Monday, April 4, 2011

Playing house

                                                                                                                                    Madi's cute toes :)

It's official.    I am playing house  here and having a B L A S T ! ! !   The first week we were here we unpacked bedrooms minimally, unpacked the kitchen (as best as we could) and then concentrated on getting the old house ready to close.  I will let you know that it was overwhelming  to get it all done in that little bit of time.  

But it has been so GREAT to settle in here.  Well,  settle is a funny word.  Does "settled" mean unpacked, decorated and all done?  Or does settled mean home?  For us right now it means home!

Mainly because we don't have all our furniture yet, my sofa is being reupholstered as we speak.  It will go in the family room.   We did buy a new one for the keeping room and it was delivered today, more pics to come.    Taking it slow and doing things little by little.  Like deciding if this picture should go above the mantle.......

Or one of these instead?

You get the idea! :)


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