Friday, April 2, 2010

Yankee Candle (part 2 of our roadtrip)

*Disclaimer* This post was thought to be lost in space but was found!! :)

Let me start off by saying Yankee Candle was completely different than I expected. And that is in a good way! I have recently reconnected with one of my dear friends from childhood via facebook. And it's been so nice to hang out again.

This place is a haven for children! I would have never guessed it. The kids got to meet the real Santa and also the real Mrs Santa! I think this picture says it all, a very intense conversation with Mr Clause. Very exciting stuff!

The kids got their faces painted. They also had these awesome 200 piece puzzle that I forgot to take a picture of, which was each boy in the picture with spongeBob and Patrick. Very cute and personal item. Oh and how can I forget, candlemaking!

The home section was beautiful and the Vera Bradley display was divine. A nice day spent with good friends. It was a wonderful first day of winter recess and the boys are still talking about it!


Between You and Me said...

so much fun! My kids would love that place!!! Happy Easter!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Great to see Yankee Candle. I love their candles. They sell them over here (UK) in garden centres.


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