Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Old faithful

I had a completely different post written out. And then blogger decided that someone else was editing my blog at the same time as me (or so they said) and it went into cyberspace!!!! Let's just say I wasn't particularly happy since it was my part 2 post to my road trip with lots and lots of pictures.......................... Anyway, onto today's post! Said in my most cheerful voice!!

Do you have a cookbook collection? I should have taken a picture of all my cookbooks at the end of my island. I have a a lot. But I stacked these to show you the array of cookbooks I have. Yet, when I'm going to make something I have never made before, I always consult with Old Faithful. Which would be my old tattered copy of The Complete Family Cookbook. There are a few reasons that I do this. For starters, it never has those exotic have-to-run-to-the-store ingredients when it's 3pm and snowing 2 inches a minute out. It always has down home recipes whatever they are that everyone in my family seems to like. Tonight I made Chili con carne with homemade cornbread and a salad. Perfect meal for such a snowy day! And Old Faithful did not disappoint!!!


Anonymous said...

I always go to my old red and white Better Homes and Gardens cookbook that I got 41 years ago. It has wonderful basics in it that are tried and true. I have a huge collection of cookbooks though. My favorites are the church cookbooks.

Imagery by Kimberly said...

Hi my sweet friend....

I wish I had known you were having that delicious dinner last night, I would have knocked on your door and invited myself in. Yum!

But then I would get you sick. So that wouldn't have been nice.


I love your old faithful cookbook -the ones with the ring binders are the best!


Deserae said...

I don't really have a huge collection of cookbooks anymore. When we renovated the kitchen I went thru them all and donated over half of them. I never used them....I always go to my old faithful,the Better Homes and Gardens one! LOL...I also have a small one that is called something like Cooking Basics which I got as a wedding gift. I have worn it out as the cover is now hanging on by a thread!!! LOL

Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

Oooo.. I'm glad you stopped by my blog today! I'm from Norwich. I occasionally get up to Albany!

Love your cookbook collection and the more worn, the more loved. I have a few cookbooks, but I have more Bon Appetit, Gourmet and Cooks magazines than I'd like to admit to hoarding.

Waiting to see that Yankee Candle Shop post. Signing on as a follower too!

alice said...

I love cookbooks. old, new, it doesn't matter, I can totally get lost in them and read them like a novel :) I recently came across one from Better Homes and Gardens that has to from the 50s. Evidentally they used a lot of shortening back then in their baked goods haha. I do have several recipes bookmarked.


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