Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The frugal kitchen part 2

I thought I would share another one of my frugal kitchen tips! :) We are red meat eaters in my house. Not A LOT of it, but we like it. I like it more than chicken honestly. But I think it's because preparing raw chicken grosses me out, lol. I have NO problems eating it when someone else makes it. Apparently it's mind over matter for me!

So awhile ago my mom kept telling me to buy London broil or eye of round to make ground meat. I kept thinking, ugh more work. Well, she was right, it's delicious!! And you never have to worry about those ground meat recalls and LORD knows what is IN the ground meat to begin with. All you need is a piece of meat and a food processor and your good to go!

I start by cutting the meat into chunks (like 2 inches) and then put them in my processor and pulse first and then let it go until it's all ground up. Then I put it into freezer bags with the weight being what I use for recipes, say 1 lb for chili, or 1 1/2 for meatloaf or meatballs. This way you can just defrost what you need when you need it. And it tastes really good!

Now with all this said, it's breakfast for dinner tonight in our house! Homemade waffles and applewood smoked bacon!

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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Kristi, thanks for stopping by. what I meant on that post about Blissdom is this. I started blogging for fun & I still do it for fun, but over these 3 years, it's turned into a part-time job for me. A fun part-time job, but still there is a business side to it. I started by adding Blogher ads, then started a year ago to do online consultations, and recently had the opportunity to open up an online shop with products that I wanted to represent. So, all of that has evolved & I love it.

The balance is key though, it can really suck time away from important things. I think most do blog for fun, many just start a blog for family & friends. And many of my blog friends started the same way I did, but theirs has also grown into a business. That's what I meant by the business side. Blogging has changed in the last few years & there are many more bloggers out there. Some of those blogs you were talking about may have businesses too. there are a lot of bloggers with Etsy shops too, so there are all facets to blogging. Fun and business.

Hope that makes sense to you! Glad you came by.


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