Thursday, January 4, 2007

My new friend

Every January I go into organization and clean out mode. I vow to make my life easier. Well, last year when my crock pot died, I never replaced it. Honestly, I never cooked in it that much. But there has to be a reason people love them so much right? I love to cook. But one thing I don't love is scrambling at 4pm on what we are going to have for dinner, besides take-out. Well, this January I'm vowing to make my life easier. Maybe even do meal planning that I always SAY I'm going to do and never do. Last night I did my very first meal in my "new friend". I made bbq pulled pork and served it on fresh italian soft rolls. YUM! And yes, it was VERY easy. :)


Anonymous said...

Kristi, your new friend is so sleek! :-) I bet all of your meals are going to come out great! Good for you ~ anything to make things easier, I say! Leaves us more time for the fun stuff! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Say....hello to my little friend....rofl! Reminds me of "You, me, and Dupree" which knowing you you probley havnt seen yet. John would love it! I love your new friend...I didn't know they came stainless steel. I will stay anonymoous until I can get my blog straigntened out...have you been over there? It looks like a 5 yr. old is managing it...which isn't too far off base. cherry

Jen Kershner said...

Very shiny and pretty. I love to use mine too but not as often as when I worked full time. Now that I'm having a hard time leaving my studio I will have to start dragging it out again.

I highly recommend the meal planning. I've been doing it for several months and it makes life much easier.

Anonymous said...

hello, just surfed on in here not sure how, but wanted to tell you about, searh 'crockpot' and click 'rating' there are some fantastic crock recipes. I use mine 3/4 times a week for exactly the reasons you said

Kristi said...

Thanks for stopping by girls! Hopefully I'll get into the groove with it.
Newgreenshoes, thanks for the website! I have been scrolling through and have found many I want to try. Do you have any favorites to share? thanks :)


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