Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One brick at a time......

The job site has been humming with activity!   I have snapped some pictures of the new brick and stone work.  And this exterior has scared me since the beginning.  Because picturing something in your MIND is A LOT different than explaining it to someone and trying to find pictures and draw it.    My stomach has been in knots.    Our other mason didn't end up doing the work.  And our new mason is WONDERFUL!  Turns out, I went to school with him from 6th grade to 12th!  And he has done EVERYTHING we wanted, almost like he has read my mind.  It has been a real blessing and feels like a weight lifted off me to have this almost DONE! 

And here is where I REALLY white knuckled it, picking out STONE color to coordinate with the brick.  Hopefully by adding the brick detail in the stone.  It's gonna be ok!

The copper flashing between the brick and roof has to come off and be re-applied......  The mason was supposed to do it and the roofers went ahead and did it and did it WRONG.  Luckily it was caught and will be fixed! 

 The metal roofing has been put on as well.  It is "copper" but just color, not actual copper.  So some of the items like the vent, the cupola and valleys on the roof  are real copper and will "patina" but the roof will not.   I hope it ends up looking ok.  This was SOOOOO nerve-wrecking!!

Love this vent!  I ordered it online when I ordered the cupola!!

Here is the front so far.............  Hopefully it will be done early next week!

     The electrical and plumbing rough in is all done.  Thursday the insulation will be put in.  And then we are onto drywall!   Very exciting around here!  So here are a few pictures of the progress so far!     It's been very dreary here, so photos aren't too great!



Sailing Simply said...

This looks so good! I am getting excited for you. I love your brick and stone choices!

Kim said...

SUCH a gorgeous house. Oh how excited you must be - I'm so excited for you! Now sweet Kristi, thank you so much for your sweet visit to my blog this morning - it truly made my day. Incidentally, I purchased that kitchen hutch on Craig's List and it's still my favorite CL find of all time. I am the CL Queen and find the most amazing things all the time. Of course I can't buy everything I find, but it's fun to look. I think I need a bigger house like you!!!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Looking so good, Kristi. Love the rock and brick. Love the copper look roof. I real copper over the bay window of the dining room is a mess. WE keep saying we are going to paint it, but it hasn't happened yet. I would love to replace it with what you used, but hubby won't do it for some reason. Our copper got ruined when paint dripped on it. Ugh.

Kim said...

Wow, your home will be gorgeous. I love the stone you chose, the brick arches over the windows are so nice and custom looking.

Deserae said...

GORGEOUS!!! Everything is coming together so the touches of copper and the mix of brick with stone!!!! This is so exciting...I am sooooo happy for you :o)

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

That's just humming right along! The brick looks wonderful and I like the stone you chose with it!


The Martys said...

Oh my goodness, your house is beautiful. I love all the stone and brick. Nice job!!! I must say I really like the metal roof. How fun to listen to the rain on that. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. It it going to be amazing.


Dido said...

Kristi it's start to all come together it wonderful I bet your be glad when it over and you get to move in.


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