Saturday, September 25, 2010

Answered Prayers

I finally got a call from my doctor this morning that the MRI results came back perfectly normal!  Praise the Lord!   I tried to keep myself busy the last few days.  But last night I had a little "freak out" moment of not knowing, couldn't sleep and letting my mind get the best of me.  So I was VERY happy when I called this morning and got a call back within an hour that all was well!

Thank you ALL for your emails, prayers and thoughts!  It really was so special to me!  I want to thank Kimberly , Loretta And Sheri (who emailed me) for sharing their stories with me!  It was so nice to know I was not alone!  I'm just so relieved that it was just an ocular migraine and nothing serious at all!!!  But it got me to the doctor and to my eye doctor for an eye exam, something I have been putting off TOO long.  Sometimes we need a little kick in the butt for those things!

Here was Madi the morning I left to have my MRI.  Mema was holding her in the window so she could wave goodbye!

And I found these two riding the gator later that night at Mema and Papa's house!  They will be SO happy when we finally move and can walk here!

 I'm so thankful God has blessed me with these three beautiful children!!!

Happy Saturday!!



edie said...

So thankful everything's okay my dear. And yes, sometimes we moms need the extra push to get us to the doctor. Hope everything's going well with the kids, school, the house, etc.
Love to you,

Sailing Simply said...

Praise God! I am happy everything is okay!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

What great news, Kristi. Now you can relax and enjoy the weekend!! said...

So happy & thankful for your good news!!!! :)

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

So glad to hear that everything is okay. Have a great weekend! :)

High Heeled Life said...

Wonderful news!! Wishing you a great week-end!HHL

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

I am so happy to hear the good news! I have been praying for you!

God bless you all!

Angie said...

Yay for the great news!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay Kristi, so happy to hear that all is well with you! I know it's a huge relief, and weight off your shoulders. Funny how we need a little kick in the pants every now and then to get us to take better care of ourselves. I only wish I had known ANBODY that had experienced an Ocular Migraine, I felt like I was really the only freak on the planet to have one! lol

Take care!


Leah said...

Oh Kristi - I am so glad to hear that you are well.
Thank you Lord!


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