Thursday, September 2, 2010

Everyday Minerals

When my cousin Lori was here visiting, she showed me her new make up goodies. It's called Everyday Minerals.   Now,  I have always been a "drug store" make up girl.   But in the last  few years I  have gotten totally addicted to MAC eye shadows, eyeliners and lipsticks.  And even though it pains me to spend more on them, I still love them.

   I was skeptical at first.   When the Bare Minerals (essentials) craze came out, I tried it and it just wasn't for me.  My skin always felt "dry", I'm not sure, just weird.   And I have always used either tinted moisturizer or a powder for my "base".  I never could get used to using liquid foundation, it just felt funny on me.   But trust me, I NEED some coverage.  Especially when I don't have a tan.  And I'm starting to get some small sun or age funny spots and we aren't friends!

So I was apprehensive, but I took my cousins advice and jumped in feet first.  I ordered the Everyday Minerals makeup, concealer, bronzer  (and a lucent one for a lil shine)  and eye shadows.  I LOVE them!  The "make up" feels like your wearing NOTHING and it covers wonderfully.  You actually control the coverage.  The concealer is powder as well and it covers fantastic!    I ordered two full size eye shadows but ordered the collection "Utopia blooms" which has MANY (I forget exactly how many) eye shadows in the "try me" size.  The try me size is going to last a LONG time.  And they are CHEAP.  The try me size is &2.50 and I think the regular size is $8. 

I also ordered some of the brushes and really like them!  I was hesitant because they aren't natural bristle but they feel like silk!

Oh and here is the kicker!  Everyday Minerals products are..........

 Another long-time favorite of mine is Lash Out mascara by Loreal.   But I have used Voluminous and the newer True match Naturals and love these as well.  

 And I have recently tried Maybelline's Colossal and Falsie's and really like these too!

If you do end up ordering from Everyday Minerals, make sure you check out their promo or deals page.  If you buy a certain amount of items you get your entire order 40% off!  And usually get free items as well combined with the 40% off!

Well anyway, I thought I'd give you my review, for what it's worth!  Love me some make up! :)


Deserae said...

You have me convinced from your rave review that I NEED to order this now! LOL...Funny thing, I got those same little spots a few months ago too and we aren't friends either! LOL

Jennifer@SweetSimplicity said...

I tried Bare Minerals twice and both times my face felt crazy dry. These days I use the MAC mineralized finishes and love those.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I have been using bare escentuals for a few years and love it. Got my mom to use it too. Sorry it didn't work good for you, but glad you found something like it.


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