Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tell me your blog story....

I have thought about blogging about this a few times.  But never wanted to sound negative.  Which I am not, but sometimes on email, text and NON talking formats things can be taken the wrong way.  So please believe me when I say I am just very curious about this, NOT bashing or being negative!  And I am not saying that no one should make any money off their blog!  I am just curious why YOU blog!  Thank you! :)    

Lately I have seen a "shift" in blogging.  Not all blogs, but a few that I have watched over the years evolve into something different, other than a blog, or so it seems.   And then there are still some that have stayed the same (thank you!).   Do you see this too?

Maybe I should talk about why I started my blog to begin with.  I love the idea of an "online" journal and since it involves making friends, I loved that too.  I enjoy talking about things that are fun, going on in my life or important to me. In no particular order.  Just sharing is what I enjoy.    I realized early on being a mother that real  scrapbooking was entirely too time consuming.  So when I started this blog and realized it is sort of a virtual scrapbook, that was the icing on the cake.  I like to look back and see what was going on in that time of my life.   I started this blog over 3 years ago, but didn't start posting regularly until this past November.    Decorating is a big part of my life because I love and enjoy it.  And I love that there are other women in blogland that share these same hobbies and likes with me.    Do you have friends in "real life" that just don't get the decorating thing? Enough said. :)

 Maybe I've got it all wrong, maybe people do use blogging as a source of income?   There are a few blogs that are doing constant advertising.  And I'm not talking about giveaways!      I understand that everyone could use a few dollars, I'm not knocking that, but I get the feeling that these companies are the ones making out, not the blog writer.   And yes, it's mostly on bigger blogs, but some of these bigger blogs aren't that personal anymore.    I'm not knocking people that get 75 comments to each post either, because when they are keeping it real on the blog, I totally understand it, they are getting feedback where it is due!  I love seeing my fellow blog writers getting love from their AWESOME projects and posts!   Those aren't the ones I am talking about.

Just today I was reading a blog (that I normally do) and one of the commenters was complaining about the advertisements of the writer and immediately it became defensive.  and she explained how long it takes her to write her posts, and all the time invested to size the pictures, center the pictures and all the techy stuff that it involves. And she just can't do it for free........      I guess what I wonder is, if it's so much work (for that person) why do it if you don't love it?

 That is what made me wonder,  why do you blog? What motivates your writing?  What do you like to write about?  What do you like to "see" in blogville?   I do it because I love to share and look back.  I also love all the wonderful friends I have met here in blogland!


And for the record, I have been contacted by a couple of advertisers. I personally didn't want to do it. NOT that someone else shouldn't.  I just didn't know how to mix it in with my mundane postings of my life! LOL  I'm just throwing it out there! :)


Melissa Miller said...

Kristi I started my blog almost two years strictly for fun and to meet new blog friends. I really enjoy the decorating inspiration as well and have been inspired to try many new ideas in our home. I still feel the same way and will not change a thing. I don't advertise and I am contacted constantly. It's just not my thing. I want it to be enjoyable everyday and not like a job so to speak. I'm glad we *met*. You're a sweet friend.

Enjoy your labor day!
~Melissa :)

Becca said...

My very first blog post was about why I want to blog. Here it is.

Basically, I want to create, take photos, and live like a writer.


Kathy said...

I started mine as a journal as well, but I have gotten so much personally out the relationships with fellow bloggers and also the education. I could get lost for days in here. I am very easy going and it doesn't bother me which way people use blogging. But being in marketing in my past working life I can see where this is truly where business is headed, I know I would recommend, no demand a blog be started to promote commerce no matter what type company. Just today I read Joni's blog cote de texas and was in awe of the time she puts into her posts to really educate us novice interior design junkies...I hope she benefits somehow from that. I am new to your blog but enjoy everything about it. My favorite saying as I get older is "less is more" and that means trying to figure everything out too, just relax and try to completely enjoy life sweetie

Jennifer said...

I'm sad some the first blogs are now field up with advertisements and they have completely lost there special touch too them. I blog for a journal and my husband doesn't really care if I find a sale and my I really don't have friends that like what I like either. I've hve met many great fiends here and plan to stay that away from the commercial type of blog I guess.

Jen Kershner said...

You and I are of like mind and started our blogs for the same reasons. I've been amazed at the things that have happened because one day I decided to start a blog but I'm not into selling out my blog for advertising. I also get a lot of those requests. I usually lose interest in those blogs that obviously become a business. I like a personal feel to the blogs I visit. That being said I don't want to judge them for doing it as I don't know what their situation might be and who knows what I might decide if I were in desperate need of money but I just don't feel drawn to those blogs.

edie said...

I'm thankful to be able to keep my blog ad-free--but I'm not totally opposed to people doing it either. I like the way Darby handles it (fly through our window). She's gives her advertisers a whole post at the first of the month and sidebar real estate--but the rest of her blog content is personal. It's hard to find good blogs these days that aren't full of ads but I'm also glad that women are able to supplement their income while staying home. See how conflicted I am?!

I think really strong content shines through but if the content is all eaten up with ads then I usually don't hang around.

In general, we've been given a unique privilege and opportunity and I hope and pray that I use it wisely!

Love you and your blog,

Kim said...

Hmmm, interesting. I don't mind advertising if it's done "discretely" in the side bar. I don't like it if it's all over the place, bottom of posts, pop ups, flashing, etc. As a matter of fact, I'm considering adding it. I personally see it as another means of validation for a job well done--if that makes sense. I also do not like when blogs lose their personal touch, what's the point then?


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