Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sisal, seagrass, jute and a spinning head.....

I need a new rug.

The rug in the living room has seen better days. 

Let's get this straight, just because it said "formal living room" on our house plan 9 1/2 yrs ago meant nothing to us!  We use this room!  Our kids hang out in here.  Our wii is in there, our piano is in there.  There are toys and love and it's "distressed" in that usual kid style.

Anyway, back to the rugs!   I love looking through the Ballard design catalog and seeing all the beautiful natural fiber rugs.  I think they give such a beautiful, clean and neutral anchor to the room.  However, my problem is, I am a "soft and cushy" type of girl.  I like an area rug that I can  "squish between my toes".   And I know that I'm not going to get this with one of these natural fiber rugs!

Country living

Southern living

Ballard's claims that this one is "surpisingly soft under foot"  in other words, not as hard and scratchy as the normal ones, LOL!   I have thought about buying one and then using it in the Dining room of the new house.  However the size I would need in the DR would be too big for our LR.

house beautiful

What's a girl to do? Is there a compromise?  Should I go for it or try and find a more "muted" wool rug for in there?  We have a wool rug in the family room and I love it because it's soft.....   I just can't decide........  are you seeing a common theme here? ;)


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh how I want the first and last photo. Looks like heaven

Deserae said...

Just my two cents for whatever it's worth ;o) I don't think you will be happy with a natural fiber rug no matter how soft they claim it to be. Seagrass is the most durable and cleans up like a dream but is not soft at all. Sisal is much softer than seagrass but does not clean up well I have found.(I have 3 dogs) vote is to go with a more muted color wool rug.

Between You and Me said...

I wouldn't put one in the room where y'all live. We have one in our front living room...but we just put a similar color in a soft berber (sp?) in our family room....

great photos!

ampm said...

I've in the market for a new rug too. First I need to let go of my indecision of color and material. Best of luck!

Debra from Bungalow said...

You found the most beautiful inspiration pictures. I am loving this white trend.

I have a few sisal rugs from overstock and I love them. They are great to rub tired feet on.....a sort of mini massage, but...I don't have little ones here so can't say how easy they clean up. Good luck with your search.


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