Saturday, April 17, 2010

Easy Smoothies

My family likes to have dessert.  Now that doesn't mean that we have dessert every night.  On the occasion we do have dessert, I usually make milk shakes, cookies, brownies or refridgerator cake (I'll share this recipe soon too, VERY easy).   However, the things I named aren't the "healthiest" things to have. Although homemade and probably better than store bought.  At least I know what is in them since I make them! :)

I was trying to be a little more health conscious in my dessert choice.  I'm sure you can find a million recipes for smoothies, with blueberries, raspberries and etc.   But the other night I just made up my own.  And since they all requested it again the following night, I guess it was a hit!   
The "recipe" is
crushed ice (I filled the blender up about 1/4-1/3 the way full)
4 cups of skim milk
1 ripe banana
1 container of Chobani Strawberry yogurt. (if you haven't tried chobani yet, TRY IT, it is like a dessert by itself!!  Fat free too!)

Chop, then liquify for a few seconds and your done!  Voila, smoothies!  Enjoy!!!

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