Sunday, April 25, 2010

Perfect spot for a tree swing

The husband and I went and worked our butts off   played at the land today.  We dropped the kids off at Mema and Papa's house (which is basically a field away from our new home) and they couldn't have been happier.   We needed to clear out the "circle" part of the future driveway which is in front of the house.   I didn't get very good "before" pictures.  But you can see it pretty good in the first picture.  Let's just say it looked like a deer tick-infested jungle!   And NOW it's the perfect spot to put our tree swing in!  

Of course we were illequipped  improvised after forgetting the ladder.  So hubby used the chainsaw and I dragged a GIANT pile of branches and brush out to the pile.    Then after realizing we would need the ladder, I backed up the truck so he could stand on the tool box and cut down the branches.  Then THAT wasn't high enough, so I drove REAL close to the tree and my sweets climbed the tree and I handed the chainsaw to him so he could cut the branches while hanging in the tree!  And what did I do?  Ran out of the truck so I could take some pictures of this fun event, LOL!  Bear with me, they are iphone pictures.  I didn't bring my new BFF  with me for fear she might get hurt in the picture taking process!

On a side note, I DID go to a church rummage sale and picked up something cute!  Stay tuned for that in a day or two!  But for now, I need to go lay on a heating pad.  Today reminded us that we are not 24 anymore, lol.  However we had fun and we have two more spots to do this in! :)

Can't you see a tree swing there?  I cannot wait for this to be H.O.M.E.


Red Door Home said...

Looks like you have a beautiful piece of property. How exciting it must be to be starting an adventure of building a house! Thanks for visiting my blog. It is fun ot know there are other people in the area who are bloggers!

Between You and Me said...

thanks for linking up to my weekend recap! great pictures of your beautiful land!


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