Monday, April 12, 2010

A new project

*warning* decorating vision needed!!!

I found this very cute shaped,  but hideously painted chest on Craigslist last year for $30.  It has been waiting in my storage room (aka basement) ever since.    It has a nice french feel to it, and dovetail drawers to boot! The down side is,  there is a laminate top so I can either paint it or cover it with tile or a piece of stone....

The problem is I can't decide what color to paint it?????  I go from cream and glazed, to black with some red peeking through.  Then I think all red.  And then I skip to robin's egg blue with maybe some gold in the inset on the drawers......  HELP!     I usually have vision, but I'm stumped! 

How can you see this done?  My colors in my house are mostly golds, reds and greens with black  mixed in!  Would LOVE to hear your ideas!


Between You and Me said...

LOVE a creamy chipped colored chest...but if you don't have a ton of that color in your home, then it might stick out.

Also, love a good vintage black could distress it..that would look beautiful.

Where are you going to put it in your house?

Kristi said...

Well that is what is making it hard!! In the house we are building I'm almost postive we are going to have white/glazed cabinets in the kitchen. For now this would be going in our upstairs hallway. I need a little spot for a lamp and the drawers would be nice for storage! :)
Decisions decisions!! :)

Jen Kershner said...

Oh! She's gorgeous! If you can't decide you should just bring it to me. I would do either robin's egg or grey with cream accents. But that's just me!

Melinda said...

Shes a beauty when you look past that tacky paint! Gorgggeous!
I like the black with red peek-a-boo underneath!

Audra said...

Right now I lean towards chippy cream or that green that is everywhere. Another possibility is a dove grey with a silvery wash perhaps.

I have two similar night stands I am going to paint...Thinking that greyish color as it will go with many different decors.

Janera said...

Funny you should ask! Last year, I purchased two identical pieces and still have not decided what color to paint them, so they're the original off-white with gold trim. Not what I want, but. . . what do I want?


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