Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The pumpkin patch, kids' activities, house decisions and a broken space bar!!!

Has it really been 12 days since I have posted?????   This post may have to be shorter than planned because my cute, blonde lil darlin'  has ripped the space bar off my keyboard one too many times and I am developing carpel tunnel syndrome from how HARD I have to press it to get a space between words!!  Orelseitlookslikethis...........

Fall ball is over, swimming (indoors) is in full effect! I have been taking 3 riding lessons a week and!  I feel my body getting stronger and it feels OH SO GOOD! 

I met with the painter today and went over the paint selections!! House is drywalled and taped!!  Pictures to come!  Still making myself crazy with little decisions like 4 or 5 hole faucets....3 holes for the bridge, 1 for the sprayer and whether or not to add the 5th for the purified water if it's inside thefridge dispenser....  you know, little mundane decisions like that that make you  CRAZY!

My sister and I,with a bunch of other moms went to a pumpkin patch nearby and had SO MUCH FUN!  We have never been to this one before and it fantastic!  We will definately go back next year!  

 Hope you are all enjoying this TOO short season!


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Looks like they had tons of fun. Have fun making those decisions and looking forward to pics. said...

where where where is that pumpkin patch? Looks awesome!!!! :)

Jen Kershner said...

Three lessons a week?! Good for you!

The kids look great. Isn't Autumn the best? I can't wait to see how things are shaping up at the new house!

marilynl said...

I come to your blog occasionally and I'm so glad I did today. I recognize this pumpkin patch as my Aunt's in upstate NY. I live out west and haven't been to visit her for over 30 years, but I immediately recognized the farmhouse and the barn. I hope to be able to visit her in October in the next few years. It would be fun to travel back east and bring my grandkids to the pumpkin patch that I have heard so much about. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

gena said...

I'm so glad you're alright - I was getting worried !

Looks like you all had a blast at the pumpkin patch - oh, how I remember doing that when mine were little.

I can't wait to see the progress on the house, sounds like things are really moving along !!!!!!

thanks for sharing,

Jennifer said...

Kristi that pumpkinn patch looks like so much fun!!! Your babies are so cute!!! Can't wait t see some more of your fab house soon!!! Have a white chocolate mocha latte on me!:)

Take care!!!

Leah said...

We take our children to "the pumpkin patch" around here every year and I love the memories we have made and the beautiful photos I have taken of the kids there over the years. So fun!!!

Manuela@TPOH said...

That tree trunk the kids are standing in is amazing! What a fun looking pumpkin patch! Sounds like an awesome place to visit!



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