Friday, March 26, 2010

A new look and YAY blogger has new templates!!!

Just as I was on the vvveerrrggggeeeee of switching to Typepad (which is not free) or Wordpress (which is a little too technologically advanced for me) I got an email from Blogger that they have some fresh new templates to choose from in "blogger in draft". My biggest complaint with them before was the pictures were too teeny tiny for me! And the center column was too narrow. I want HUGE and VIBRANT pictures. And a nice wide posting column to achieve this. And was so EXCITED when I saw the edits for BOTH of these items!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! Let's just say I'm a little happy over this, can you tell?

I have another frame makeover to show you. The first ones I blogged about are here . I got this oil painting at my favorite consignment shop (which I will be showcasing pretty soon so stay tuned!). It had red around the inside of the frame which was nice. But I thought hmmmmm black would be SO much better! And it is! At least I think so! Oh and the best part of this is that I got the oil "for free" because I bring things to consign to this store so I always have credit which = free shopping! To say this is fun is an understatement! Excuse the night time crappy pictures!



I'm linking up to Fingerprints on the Fridge's Feature yourself Friday linky party! :)
Stay tuned, next post I have a vote! I need your opinions! :)


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Kristy, that is a really pretty painting! I love how it pops more with the black paint too. I know, it's just so much more interesting to shop this way instead of buying all new stuff.

Anonymous said...

What a great find and a great change to the frame. It looks so rich this way! Bravo.

Kristen's mom said...

I can't figure our how to get the new blogger template. I too love a good garage sale. My daughter was telling me about laundry soap that you make, I was so happy to get the instructions on your blog. That will definately be my next project.

Deserae said...

Love the little transformation of the painting :o) You always find the best stuff I swear!!! LOL
What blogger template are you using now because like you I want bigger and better too!

Alison Gibbs said...

Loving the new look blog.
What a transformation with painting the picture frame - it's fabulous

Between You and Me said...


I love your new template with Blogger....I'm interested in doing the same...for some of the same reasons that you wanted to change....

I can't find an email for you anywhere on your profile...would you email me and tell me which one you used?

thanks so much!!!

Kristi said...

Des and Tara I'm emailing you both now! :)


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