Thursday, February 13, 2014

kids, life, horses, homeschooling.....

And all those other things that keep me from blogging!  But the truth is I MISS IT!  Thank you for all your emails and messages wondering if something happened to me.  The only thing that happened was LIFE and BOY has it been busy!  I have so much to talk about that I don't even know where to start!

I can start with the fact that I am now mother to TWO TEENAGERS!!  How did that happen?!  Seriously, time has flown by so quickly it scares and saddens me!  My twin baby boys turned 13 in January.  They are really good kids and I'm so proud of them.   We are currently homeschooling 7th grade.  We homeschooled last year too.  The plan is to continue next year through 8th.   Johnny would like to attend high school and Kris is not sure.  If he wants to stay home, that is ok too. :)    Madi could have gone to Kindergarten this year but she turned 5 in July and some days was still taking a nap over the summer.  I decided that it wouldn't hurt anyone to wait.  And she is doing a "loose" k curriculum at home.  She is playing and enjoying being 5.  What more could I ask for?    She visited a Montessori school recently and really seemed to like it.  So not sure if she will be home with us next year or school.  We'll see!

We have been busy with horses, tae kwon do, swimming, baseball lessons and I'm sure many more things I'm forgetting.  We had our pictures taken in the fall and I am just thrilled with how they came out.  I'll share a few here.

 I haven't been up to many home projects but I am ITCHING to do some chalk painting and some switching around here.  And I have an overwhelming urge to add more leopard print just about anywhere!!!! 
And I promise, it won't be another 6 month hiatus.... ;)



Stacey said...

Kristi, your kids are so precious and they are really the most important part of life. I miss having little ones!

Your home is so pretty and I'll admit to just lurking over here a time or two since you've been gone. :)

All That Glitters said...

Your pics looks soooo good, girl! Your babies are growing up! I still stink at blogging. More leopard is always fun!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Welcome back Kristi...I've been thinking about you! Trust me I know how life gets busy especially when you have kids in school! So glad your back...I missed you:)

Rooms by Ann said...

Welcome back Kristi, Those are some awesome family pictures. Kids sure grow up fast. Can't wait to see your new projects.

Jen Kershner said...

Well you know how happy this made me, right? It's so nice to see an update from you. I am right behind you with the 13th birthday (March 5th). I can't believe it. Luckily she is not your average teenager!


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