Thursday, June 17, 2010

We interrupt thing for Thursdays to bring you.....

I need help!  I had planned on doing my Thursday thing. But I am in the middle of trying to decide on kitchen stuff and CANNOT make up my mind!!!

My dilemma is that I cannot decide between having the island the same color as my cabinets, which will be off-white, possibly glazed or distressed or both, see a theme of uncertainty going on here?   I can't decide on doing the island the same as the perimeter or doing another color or possibly a stained island.

                                            So here is the perimeter (I think)

And here are the choices for island color and finishes like vintage and glaze aren't set in stone, just pictures!

Pimento with charcoal glaze.

Sage vintage (distressed) with glaze

Midnight vintage

Sable with charcoal glaze

I would LOVE to hear your opinion!  I am making myself crazy with this decision.  One way I think stay safe and do the same and in another way I think be daring and do it different so it looks like a piece of furniture (with legs of course, lol).  I think I have picked a door style which was a whole other ball of wax! 

Please help a girl out! If you never have commented before, PLEASE DO, I need all the help I can get! :)


The Martys said...

This is my first time leaving a comment on your blog. I love all your choices. The perimeter cupboards are great. ( I have to admit I did almost the same thing in my kitchen) My island is like your black sample, but I must admit I love the read one. I am really looking forward to watching your new house come together. I am a huge fan of french country decor and I just love all your things.


Barb~Bella Vista said...

Kristi, you should choose the color that makes your heart sing. I am serious. Don't go for what you think would be perfect....go for what makes you happy. You won't be sorry.

Barb ♥

Cathy said...

I agree with Barb! Pick something fun and enjoy! Of all the samples you showed...I love the sable...the last pic. Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous!

Have a wonderful day!

Linda said...

I agree with Barb, go with your heart on this one. If I had to choose for ME, I would go with either the midnight or the sage ;).

Love your blog!!

Melissa Miller said...

How fun Kristi! I like the black. It goes with everything and always looks classic and crisp. You can accessorize afterwards with any bright color and it will look fabulous.

Have a blessed day sweet friend.
~Melissa :)

Allie and Pattie said...

I'm a decorator by trade (at least one of my trades!) and I, personally, prefer the island to be different. That being said, I agree you should pick what makes your heart sing. A tip- the sable or midnight with the cream perimeter will give you a very neutral background to accessorize with color. I LOVE the green
xoxo Pattie

Sailing Simply said...

I'm one of your newest followers and couldn't help but weigh in on the black! Of course you should go with whatever you love best, but I vote for the black! Can't wait till we start to see it though, whatever choice you make!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

I would DEFINITELY choose a different color for the island. I love my black except it has some nicks that need to be fixed. Love the red or the green, too. Whatever works best with the other colors in your house. I think if you do it all the same you will regret not doing a different color later.

Between You and Me said...

At our home in GA...we did the same style of perimeter cabinets..and LOVED will never tire of that color...def. add the glaze and the distressing! And, I had a black distressed island like the one picture you have for your island. If I were doing another kitchen, I'd choose the island to be in a very distressed wood tone kind of like the one you have as a sample.

I'd choose the island to be different several others have most definitely need to go with the one that will make your heart sing. :)

amie said...

I like either of the red shades....but I am never a fan of distressed.....just an opinion....and when you are done with your house you can totally come do mine!

gena said...

I like the pimento.... but everyone is right - you need to go with your gut ! I'm sure whatever you pick will be gorgeous !!!

hugs from a still swollen recuperating from cellulitis from a wisdom teeth removal - gena

Charlene Austin said...

How fun for you to be building a new home!! My friend sent me your link about the island dilhemma because I am in the middle of a reno and went with a different island cover. In fact I am going to the cabinet shop Friday morning to see 2 samples of my painted doors to give the approval. The main cabinets are white (BM Cloud White) and the island is 10'x 4' of an amazing BOLD and BRIGHT green!! I admit I'm scared a bit but only because I want to love it in person as much as I do in my head BUT I absolutely went with what makes my heart sing. There was no question I wanted a green island. I hope to have pics on my blog for my Week 9 reno update, on Saturday, if you want to check it out. {click on Kitchen Renovation in my side bar}

Go with your heart.....I personally love the green one in your samples.

Jen Kershner said...

Hi Sweets! I know you must be so stressed. I think you should go for the last one, the wood tone. I know you've been drawn to wood toned cabinets before and that it would give you a gorgeous contrast and really achieve that french country look that you excel at. Plus it would be easy enough to paint it later if you got tired of it and wanted a colorful change. I'm sure that whatever you pick will be gorgeous as all those choices are just beautiful. I just felt like that one was very you. Just my little opinion! I'll be thinking about you.

Manuela@TPOH said...

I always like to see an island in a different color. So any color that pops and makes it an accent is good.


Mandy @ The Paschen Family said...

I love the Sage and the Sable!

edie said...

hmmmm, i would probably go with the black island. i have a friend who has that with the white cabs and it looks great! it'll look great, whatever you choose!

Leigh Ann in KS said...

You've probably already chosen, but I do love the Pimento!


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