Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Birthday and my love for chalk boards!

Well this past weekend was my twin baby boys' birthday party, say that 3 times fast! :) They turned 9 and I honestly don't know where the time has gone. I find myself saying this all the time now, a sure sign of getting old!!!

We had a family party, which we always do. Lots of cousins, aunts, uncles and mema's and papa's! I saved myself some work and ordered the food. I NEVER do this, but when I priced it, it would have cost me the same in the grocery store! So I did it and it ended up being delicious!

I also finished painting the island doors and drawers black. You can see a glimpse of it here. Don't mind the pile of cookbooks underneath, they are patiently waiting for the shelves to be put on the island again. Hopefully soon!
And I had this ornate frame in my basement for a few years and couldn't decide on a corkboard or a chalkboard. I bought it for $40 at one my favorite stops. You see which won! It's a pretty big frame too, All I did was had my dh cut a piece of AC plywood (that I already had) and then painted it with chalkboard paint (that I already had) After that I used liquid nails to adhere it to the frame and VOILA, Ballard Designs chalkboard without the Ballard designs price! :)

I have a thing for chalkboards anyway. I figured I'd show you my little french pig chef who sits next to my sink! They are so much fun to leave little messages on and switch things up some!



Ticking and Toile said...

Hi Kristi,
Thanks for coming by my blog! It's always fun to meet new bloggy friends! I love the chalkboard frame!! It looks fantastic!
Also, is that a picture of your garden just below your header? It's similar to mine in my tiny backyard, but yours looks amazing!
Talk soon!

EnchantedBella said...

Your chalkboard is beautiful. Great idea and the pig is cute.


Jen Kershner said...

Your island looks great! Happy Birthday to the boys. Emma will be nine in March. Love all of your chalkboards. I also have a thing for them. I was going to do a built in permanent one in the kitchen but why bother now, right?

So exciting about you making your first steps towards building. I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...
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