Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! (and a book review)

Happy New Year!!!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas season and New Year.  Ours was definitely different, but we enjoyed it just the same!

Now for my book review.   I just got done with this book and I think everyone with kids or grand kids should read this book.   Despite the title, it is not a Christian book.  It is one mothers view of juggling it all, career, motherhood, activities and etc.  And her active role in learning how to say no and limiting all the things that impact on our true quality time with the limited amount of time we have in our kids lives.  

I have done some of what she is talking about in the book before I even started reading it. 
I think even if you don't agree with everything in this book you will still enjoy it!   Parenting is HARD work!!!
  It's a very easy and quick read.

I just ordered her second book  The Gift of an Ordinary Day.     I believe this is "part 2" of her life when her kids are getting older, teenagers and etc.  And I can't wait to read it!

Things are moving right along at the new house.  This week the railings are going in and I think they are starting to stain the floors.  Will be sharing pictures soon!


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Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Usually when they start on the flooring things are getting close.


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