Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ready to show!

I realize that I should probably be posting our Thanksgiving pictures, or better yet our Christmas decorations (which leave A LOT to be desired this year).   But instead I'm patting myself on the back for whipping this house into somewhat of shape so we can list it!  Two weeks ago on a Sunday morning,  I got a phone call before I even got out of bed that someone wanted to see our house that WEDNESDAY!!!   Can you say S T R E S S E D out?  We almost KILLED ourselves cleaning and touch up painting.  I wouldn't say it was DONE, done, but good enough.   They came to look and turns out our house was too small for them!   Oh well, hopefully it will be perfect for someone once we actually get it on the market! 

Things are moving right along at the new house.  The wood floors are done upstairs (but not stained, just down)  and they are coming this week to lay the downstairs.  The lights are going in at the same time.  And then the floors will be finished and we will put the kitchen in and be DONE!!!  Can you imagine?  DONE?  Oh my!!!!!

Anyway, I thought I would share some pictures of the "finished" product.  I know there are rooms I probably have never posted on my blog.  Just realizing that!  

If you would like to move to Upstate NY, I have a nice place to show you! :)
Here we are in the foyer, from the the kitchen looking at the front door

If you walk in my front door and look to your right, this is the study

Doesn't normally look this dark, I just refuse to use flash!!

And walk back the study and look to your right again and it is the powder room (aka 1/2 bath)

   If you are walking in my front door and look to your left, you will see the living room

And then beyond the living room is the dining room

Standing in the dining room doorway to the kitchen, this is your view to the kitchen and family room

Family room , you all have seen the kitchen and if not, there are photos HERE  :)

View from the back of the family room into the kitchen

Extremely crappy shot of the laundry room!

Working our way upstairs from the foyer

                                          View of the upstairs hallway from the stairs

Madi's room which is to your left of the above sideboard

         The main bath which is the kids bath

One of my favorite rooms in the house, Johnny and Kris's room, SO cozy!  A lil cluttered, but we like it that way. ;) 

View to the Family room from the overlook right outside of J&K's room

                     4th bedroom doubling as the toy storage room!

    Master bedroom, walking in the door

       Walking into the master bathroom

I know the single bowl and vanity vs. double bowls will hurt us for sale reasons.......

   The view going back downstairs!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!  Would love any input on anything you think I should do to make it more "appealing".  I have TRIED like heck to de-personalize.  That is much harder than I thought......   Please pray for a quick sale!!!! :)


Sailing Simply said...

If I were looking for a house this would be perfect! I love it! I certainly do not think it is too small it has just the right amount of rooms in just the right size for my taste. Your decor and finishes (flooring, paint,trim) are all beautiful and very well done, IMOP. If I had one critique for showing purposes only, it would be your master bedroom furniture is very large, making your bedroom look smaller then it really is. Maybe if you removed the bedframe it would visually open up the space a bit more. Just have your bed on a metal frame for selling purposes only. I love your bed by the way and cannot wait to see all your beautiful furniture in your new home. I personally think the rest of the house is decluttered well. I don't understand people who go into a home where children live and expect not to see toys. LOL! It wish you lots of luck, I hope it sells quickly for you.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Kristi, it is beautiful. I didn't realize you were in upstate NY. Gotta be cold there. Sounds like you are almost ready to move. Yay. I can't wait to see the new house. Not sure what to tell you about helping to depersonlizing the house. I know my sister had to take a lot of stuff off of the walls and shelves and floors. She had to cut back on what they call clutter in other words. She packed up boxes of stuff when they had their house listed. It never sold anyway and then the economy sank and they stayed put. You have seen my sister's house when I have posted it and she had to put half of everything away in each room! Your home is gorgeous and I think you should have no problem except for the fact that house sales are not good.

High Heeled Life said...

Gorgeous .. thank you for sharing your lovely home! Wishing for you a quick sale, so you can move forward into your new home....HHL

Kansas Amy said...

What a beautiful home!! Someone will snatch it right up!

mishebe said...

What a great tour. Love how u took took us thru the whole house. Really like your dining room drapes. Your family room is cozy too..

Jen Kershner said...

It all looks wonderful. I'm so excited for you and hoping for a quick sale for you! I know how much stress it can be!

Manuela@TPOH said...

Wow it all looks gorgeous and I can't imagine someone thinking it's too small - seems big to me! The packing up "clutter" stuff is hard. I've started to do a bit of that already although we won't list our house until February/March.


Lise said...

Kristi, please come decorate my house! I love your style and this home is beautiful. Looking forward to posts and pictures of your new place.
Blessings for the New Year!

Daledowx said...

What a beautiful home!! Someone will snatch it right up!


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