Saturday, December 12, 2009


Is it me or is Blogger extremely difficult to "edit"??? I will admit this is why I take so many lloooonnnng breaks between blogging. It drives me crazy so I give up! Yup, I'm a quitter! LOL ;)

My pictures come up backwards (in order) most of the time. I have gone to "help" and it never seems to answer the questions I am needing? Is this why I notice alot of bloggers move to other places? I can't even delete photo's from a post that I haven't posted yet. Is it just me or do others have these same problems. If you are reading this and know where I can get this information PLEASE leave a comment on where I can find help. Pretty please. Pretty please with sugar on top! Thanks!


Jen Kershner said...

Hey girl. Have you updated to the newest version? I find that it makes putting pictures in much easier. You insert them individually and they actually go wherever your cursor is. I hope that helps.

Kristi said...

I think I have the newest version....? I just tried to figure that out and it didn't direct me to download anything else. However, I AM blonde ya know :)
BUT, I did just realize in my last post that I can click and drag. I swear I'm an idiot sometimes!

Debra from Bungalow said...

Hi Kristi,
I rarely use blogger to create posts anymore.... try windows live writer, it's a free download and easy, editing photos and placing them is simple. Then you just publish them to your blog.

I tried the newest version on blogger but still prefer live writer.

Kristi said...

Debra I will try that! I am trying to decide whether or not to buy "microsoft office" or not. Came with my computer as a "trial" not sure I use it enough to buy it for $100 tho. I'm cheap :)


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