Monday, June 11, 2007

Patio projects

Here is one of the urns I bought for our back patio. It's iron and only $39.99 at BJ's! Of course I had to snap up two of them! I have 3 other pairs all around the house and garden. It's becoming an addiction, lol! Could be worse right? I have two different kinds of verbena, lobelia and white allysum in it. I'll take a pic later in the season when it's grown a bit! The other two pictures are Weigala's that I bought last year to replace the poorly planned rhodo's I had there. It was just too much sun for them and they were suffering. So I relocated them and these weigala's ,which were TINY last year, are loving this area and got so big this year! The stone is finally done back here. After I took these 3 pictures my battery died, so hopefully I'll have more pictures today!


Lizzie said...

Your gardens are so well manicured and lovely! We just moved into our home, and right now our gardens are kind of ransacked as the house was empty for awhile before selling. The only part that looks "kept" is the front sidewalk where the monkey grass and hostas are. :-)

You know, if you do not have any twins, your chances of conceiving twins are 1 in 60 something. BUT, if you already have one set of twins, your odds drop to 1 in 20 for conceiving twins!

I love twin babies very much, but twin pregnancy? Its kinda... ick!

Southern Heart said...

Your yard and garden is lovely! I would have snatched those urns up, too...what a great find!!



Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

It all looks so neat and tidy. I'm so jealous. You really have a green thumb. I'm glad to hear that you also have to move things occasionally. It makes me feel better.

Stampin' D'Amour said...

Your backyard is so pretty! It's like photos from a Country Living magazine!! I'm so jealous! :0)



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